Support Trinity with our Online Giving
2 Ways to Choose From

Both options are secure.  You Create Your Profile, set up Your donation. 
Enter your Email address, password, name, address, bank account number, bank routing number, donation amount, frequency of donation and a start date.
You choose where you want your donation allocated and how often!  You can make changes at any time.  This is your personal account!
For More Help Contact Us at: or call the Church Office at 419-332-5032.

OR Choose Phone App you can install on your smartphone called (click here) UMCgo

  • First it will ask you to Find your church and give you links to all the United Methodist Churches in the area…Choose Fremont Trinity, 204 N. Wayne Street., Fremont Ohio.


  • Next you will get a Welcome Message, dismiss that.


  • the next page will have Fremont Trinity and the bottom of the page it will give you options:  Home, Profile, inbox, Give.
  • First you will need to set up your profile (if you have not already done so).
  • Click on the heart link that says Give (this takes you to Trinity’s Online Giving webpage).